Hatred has officially been confirmed to be released this year on PC via Steam. For those unfamiliar with Hatred it originally hit Steam Greenlight last year and was removed by Valve in December; the next day Valve CEO Gabe Newell personally intervened and apologised to the developers for the hasty action while also adding the game back to Steam Greenlight. Within a few days the game was greenlit to be released on Steam.

Hatred is a game about violence, it is a shooter and the point of the game is to kill as many people as possible; civilians and innocents included. The game is highly controversial for that reason. However the game is not as violent as one would expect, instead many other games are ‘worse’ than this one; the reason this one is so controversial is that you are killing with a real ’cause’ and are targeting innocent people.

The ESRB who control the ratings of video games have given Hatred an Adult Only rating which is the highest a video game can have. The three major console manufactures (Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo) do not allow games with this rating to be released on their platform.

While Hatred will not be coming to consoles any time soon it has certainly kicked up a storm for all those interested; there are already discussions on Steam about potential DLC for the game and many suggestions are just as controversial and ‘immoral’ as expected.

With the release of the first Adult Only rated game on Steam we are all left wondering what this will mean for future games and if this will increase the number of Adult Only rated games as a whole.

Hatred is being released on June 1st and the store page for the game already exists however for those who simply can’t wait to go on a murder spree the game can be preordered from the official website.

Are you going to be picking this game up? What are your thoughts on the controversial shooter? Let us know!

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