P.T. the incredible, sensational ‘playable teaser’ for the next game in the Silent Hill franchise will be available for download only until the 29th. After that, the game will be dropped off the digital store forever. P.T. is a demo game that was filled with little secrets and turns weaved into a horrific environment to slowly reveal its real purpose: to hype up the upcoming Silent Hill that will ‘shit your pants’.

The collaborative efforts by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima alongside the enigmatic 7780 studios, will also wilt in vain as Silent Hill is basically announced to no longer be in the works as Guillermo had been quoted in a tweet:

With further emphasis on how dead the next Silent Hill is; Norman Reedus who was to be giving his talents to the game and voicing as the protagonist, also weighed in and shot down the last hope that the game would still exist:


It’s a dreary day for fans who have been eagerly awaiting this promised game. It’s hard to say this wasn’t expected, seeing the controversy between Konami and Kojima as of late. Now that all three of the main contributors have pretty much sworn off affiliation to the game, it can only mean the game will cease to be or the game will cease to be the dream team amazing project that had people around the world stunned and shocked with pleasure and fear. It’s a huge hit for fans and integrity and belief in Konami will tank severely.

At the very least, I hope P.T. will become immortalized as the game that the world needed but not what the world deserved. The promises of something truly inspiring and breathe life into what is arguably a dry spell for the Survival Horror genre. Sleep well P.T. maybe one day, your efforts won’t be in vain and you’ll get the game you deserved to become.

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