A month ago the small team behind This War of Mine dropped a DLC pack to help children trapped in war torn countries. Players could pay 1, 10 or 20 dollars for an assortment of in-game street art. It was a nice addition to the game, but the more important part was that 100% of the proceeds went to the War Child Charity.

Hardly 30 days later 11 Bit Studios proudly announced that the donations have helped 350 Syrian children. War Child is on the ground across Iraq and Jordan, helping to protect and support refugees of the Syrian Civil War. The group is able to provide psycho-social support to help with trauma recovery, construct child friendly spaces and even give informal education.

Syria has been entrenched in a bloody civil war for over four years. The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights announced that as of April 16th over 310,000 people had been killed in the fighting, including over 110,000 civilians and over 11,000 children. This is a war that the media has gone cold on but is still as terrible as ever. It is good to see awareness being spread and real help being sent to these people.

The War Child Charity DLC is only going to be around for so long, so go sell some Steam cards, or something, and scrape together a dollar to help out 11 Bit Studios on their mission and some kids that have it worse than you.



War Child Charity Infographic

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