Amid recent murmurings that Grand Theft Auto V may eventually be getting some sort of story DLC, let’s head back to GTA IV to discuss; was its DLC any good?

Let me tell you, playing Grand Theft Auto IV now is actually quite depressing if only because it shows how fast games move on and how… bad the game is in this day and age. Playing the opening hours is a chore, believe it or not. Alas, we’re not here to talk about GTA IV, but rather, it’s two bulky pieces of story DLC.

That’s right, whereas Rockstar Games has opted to update GTA V with all sorts of cool online missions, outfits and more, the fourth instalment of the series gave us two whole new stories to soak up. Don’t get me wrong, the free content that has been provided in GTA V is great and I admire the work Rockstar has been doing, but I’d snap up more story missions in a heartbeat.

I have fond memories of playing both GTA IV’s first piece of DLC – the Lost and Damned – as well as its second – the Ballad of Gay Tony. To me, the latter was far more enjoyable but the former had a more serious and focused story. Lost and Damned revolved around a gang of bikers and was certainly a unique experience, but both offered a few new gameplay mechanics to play around with.

Biking around in L&D gave us the baseball bat to knock fellow bikers off their rides, whilst the Ballad of Gay Tony DLC introduced parachuting to the game as well as optional mission objectives (both of which are now staples in GTA V), among other things.

That’s why I’d love to see some more story DLC in GTA V. Not only does it provide the opportunity for Rockstar to implement some interesting new gameplay ideas such as… a jetpack!? A man can dream. But also it might give us a hint of what to expect from the inevitable Grand Theft Auto VI.

All in all, GTA’s story DLC has always been great, but what do you think? I want to hear your stories and memories as well as whether or not you think Rockstar Games should continue to push the multiplayer DLC or shift its focus to something arguably more substantial.

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