A new Need for Speed game will be fully revealed tomorrow, and the latest clues strongly suggest that it will be a new NFS Underground game.

The Underground games are considered fan-favorites in the Need for Speed franchise and many have been asking for a return to the sub-series. Well, it looks like EA and Ghost Games are set to deliver, if the latest hint is anything to go by.

On Need for Speed’s official Facebook page an image was posted today, teasing at tomorrow’s reveal. However, it’s what happened in the comments that has really caught the eye. For whatever reason it’s all in German but we’ve translated the most important comments for you to digest.

One fan asked “is NFS still alive?” to which the Facebook page replied “in the underground” – as blatant a clue as you can really get. Another demanded that Underground 3 is being made and that fans would “storm the shops” if it was. Need for Speed replied with “So that’s it, just different…? Is listed!” That doesn’t make a lot of sense so either it’s badly worded or the translation is a bit rough around the edges.

Either way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see tomorrow’s big reveal show off a new NFS Underground game. Stay tuned to Gamespresso to find out and in the mean time, why not read up on whether or not I think the new game should be handled by EA at all?

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