Earlier today, HumbleBundle’s HumbleStore began their spring sale. From now until May 22nd, the HumbleStore will have new sales for both new and old games. To start out, HumbleBundle has sales with three major publishers: Bandai Namco, Paradox Interactive, and Bethesda. The most impressive in terms of content is Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition for $4.99.

There’s modern games like Skyrim and The Evil Within, as well as classic titles like Quake and Doom. As well, many other games are constantly going on sale, such as Legend of Grimrock and Apotheon. But you’ll have to be quick: these sales will be flashing on and off between the next two weeks! Is there a game you’re looking forward to getting on sale? What games do you think will go on sale? Sound off in the comments, and happy gaming!

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