As of today, Kael’thas Sunstrider, the blood elf lord himself, from Warcraft lore, is now playable in the closed beta for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm MOBA. Announced last week, Kael’thas is an assassin character, focusing on fire magic. According to Blizzard’s post detailing the character, “He can empower his spells and create powerful combos that and will strike fear into the heart of minions and Heroes alike.”

‘Flamestrike’ allows him to cause damage in a designated area, ‘Living Bomb’ causes damage to an enemy before then making them explode, and ‘Gravity Lapse’ stuns the first enemy hit. To see more details about Kael’thas, including a full recap of his actions throughout Warcraft lore, be sure to check out the full character write up.

As far as what’s ahead, late last week, Blizzard also gave a quick glimpse, tucked away in a video of new skins coming to the game, of the next character on the way to Heroes of the Storm: Johanna, the crusader from Diablo 3. Johanna will mark the forth Diablo 3 class to receive a character in Heroes of the Storm, the wizard now the only class left MIA.

When the closed beta for Blizzard’s MOBA first launched, one of our editors, a MOBA veteran, took the chance to share some of her impressions. Since then, I also wrote a piece about how Heroes of the Storm won me over, despite my lack of interest in MOBA’s previously. The game is set to release June 2nd, with an open beta beginning May 19th.

Are you already playing Heroes of the Storm? Or are you waiting for the open beta? Either way, what do you think of the new heroes? Let us know in the comments.

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