Tripwire Interactive have announced and released the first content patch for the early access game Killing Floor 2 today, sequel to (and far better than) Killing Floor.

The co-op sci-fi horror FPS had a hugely successful launch in Steam’s Early Access, with the gameplay far outdoing it’s predecessor. Along with bug fixes and the usual maintenance, a brand new map is available – Volter Manor. The Manor is set against a Swiss Cliffside, offering a modern fortress with ‘deadly secrets’ hidden inside. It looks like it’s time to send in the Zombie removal team; be prepared to be rewarded with plenty of dosh.

Also included is a feature that was a fan-favourite in the previous game: Item Hunts. These can be found throughout all the maps, so get ready to search for all the new collectibles and the 8 new achievements in the update. For those of you who already own Killing Floor, the original characters Materson and Briar will be returning as a celebration for the game’s success.

Killing Floor 2 is on Early Access for PC only and is available on Steam now. For a full list of bug fixes, check out their website.



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