Everyone retires eventually from their job, but no one sees themselves retiring at 22 years old.

Imaqtiepie, Krepo and countless others have had their time in the spotlight when it comes to League of Legends and they have all retired. Recently, Hai from C9, Saintvicious from Gravity and Link from Counter Logic Gaming have also retired. CLG has had it’s ups and downs in the past; being both continuously defeated and unbeatable in different splits. He made a pretty jaw dropping statement in regards to his leave:

“so reasons for leaving:
-don’t know if i can give it my 150% next split
-too much work and burden on me and I doubt it’s going to get better
-only wanted to play 1 more split minimum and compete and do well at worlds (ideally win)

^ me being greedy and I recognize a team just doesn’t magically come together and win worlds

-i was promised change and there wasn’t going to be any so well me leaving is pretty much the drastic change. ( a coach doesn’t magically solve all problems i think )

I’m pretty much done with league. Cause NA is terrible and League of Legends is devolving into a game that I don’t even recognize anymore. No one even plays it properly lmao”

There were also some whispers in the League community that Dyrus from Team SoloMid was going to leave after the disappointing games they had at MSI. Dyrus hasn’t commented saying that he will leave yet, so there is still hope for TSM. His contract ends in October this year, right before Worlds.

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