Crypt of the Necrodancer is an amazing rhythm dungeon-crawler that is simply too much fun. It is made by Brace Yourself Games and you can play on your keyboard or literally play on a DDR mat. It’s one of the few modern games to implement this! Speaking of modern, a very creative modder has taken the game back to retro with an amazing Megaman mod!




An incredible retexturing that’s actually done well with exceedingly nice touches including Megaman robotics, 8-bit sound effects, playable Megaman characters and Robot Master fights. It’s noted that the mod does not replace the in game music; which is fine. The soundtrack by Danny Baranowsky is amazing and worth just listening to for endless hours!

You can obtain the download for this mod here as well as keep up to date with changes and fixes. Get on it if you have the game!

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