According to part of an interview by Eurogamer, CD Projekt Red has sent a rather gargantuan patch for The Witcher 3 that includes around 600 changes to certification yesterday (Wednesday – May 20, 2015). Patch notes will be made available in the future detailing the updates. The article states the patch will include updates to the “graphics and graphical settings.” This is pretty interesting given the recent outcry over the graphics downgrade controversy.

The Witcher 3 seems to have had noticeable graphical stunting since its original debut in 2013, as shown on a post in this Neogaf thread. While personally I still believe the game still looks amazing, it seems undeniable that there are significant differences in the visuals.

CD Projekt did admit that they may have been able to push the graphics harder on a PC only version of The Witcher 3. This means the release on consoles did cause a potential restriction. However, they stated that these platform releases were essential to The Witcher 3, as it stands, existing at all.

According to CD Projekt Red co-founder, Marcin Iwinski, in the interview:

“We can lay it out that simply. We just cannot afford it, because consoles allow us to go higher in terms of the possible or achievable sales; have a higher budget for the game, and invest it all into developing this huge, gigantic world.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have a slightly graphically hindered Witcher 3 on every platform (or at all) than a major cut in content to make way for a prettier PC only edition.

The new patch should take no more than seven days to clear certification.

How are you liking The Witcher 3? Do you feel the graphics need sprucing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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