The American model, writer, director and actor Norman Reedus tweeted out about the petition towards Konami. Reedus is supporting this petition to bring back Silent Hills.

The site that Norman linked in his tweet is all about stopping Konami’s ‘unfairness’ to gamers.

“It’s time to show Konami that we don’t believe in their vision of our gaming future. We don’t believe that low budget games make for good entertainment. We don’t believe in mobile as the future of gaming. We don’t believe in gaming paywalls, or manipulation of gaming content in order to make a buck. And we sure as hell don’t believe in existing games being put to death digitally.”

The site states. “Let’s show the gaming culture that we are dead serious about wanting Silent Hills – in spirit, if not in name. Let’s show the gaming community that we’re not ok with paywalls, ditching console development, or the destruction of gaming history via digital removal.”

The site contains a long message to gamers, a contact page, and a page of memes that you can use to “poke fun at Konami” with.

How do you feel about this petition and the fact that Norman Reedus himself is supporting it?

If you want to check out the site for yourself, you can find it here.

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