Though the Vita version of the crazy physics-based Octodad: Deadliest Catch was announced late last year, Phil Tibitoski, President of Young Heroes, announced today that the handheld version will finally see the light of day on May 26th.

The game will not feature cross-save, but will be cross-buy, meaning if you already own Octodad on PS4, you get the Vita version for free.

Along with the addition of new trophies, Tibitoski took to the Playstation Blog to talk about some of the new things coming to the Vita version. One “cool feature is the ability to play co-op locally using one device. With Sickhead Games’ help, we managed to stuff in enough control for two players (one on each side) to wobble your favorite dad through everyday life while rubbing shoulders with a real life friend.”

While Octodad may be another indie game making its way to the handheld console, not too long ago one of our editors took the chance to talk about the fact that that the lack of AAA games on the Vita couldn’t bother him less.

Will you be picking up Octodad for PS Vita? Let us know in the comments.

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