Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe has recently stated that the Ocuclus Rift will essentiall cost $1,500. However, that tag line does require some context. To run programs that use the Oculus Rift, you’ll have to have an adept gaming computer that can handle both the games that use the Ocuclus Rift and the accessory itself. On May 27th at Re/code’s annual Code Conference, Iribe stated, “we are looking at an all-in price, if you have to go out and actually need to buy a new computer and you’re going to buy the Rift … at most you should be in that $1,500 range.”

This is somewhat good news, since a gaming rig at minimum usually costs around $1,000. While Iribe doesn’t plan to announce much more information, such as a set release date for the Oculus Rift or exact pricing, until E3, it’s fair to say that the Oculus Rift will be priced somewhere between the $300-$500 range. Do you plan on buying an Oculus Rift? Have you had hands-on experience with one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Polygon

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