Hipster Whale, developers of Crossy Road, have been approached by Bandai Namco to work on something special to celebrate Pac-Man’s 35th anniversary, and that is exactly what they did.
Pac-Man 256 is set to put a new spin on the original game in theme with the level 256 glitch in the original Pac-Man game. Level 256 saw the majority of the screen covered in a random assortment of coloured letters and numbers, leaving Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde to get lost and drift off screen while players navigate Pac-Man in the non-existent maze.

The original 256 glitch.

The original 256 glitch.

Pac-Man 256 takes on an isometric 3D view as opposed to the original top-down 2D view. The gameplay shown in the trailer sees Pac-Man having to move forward avoiding ghosts and collecting pellets just as in the original game while also trying to get away from ‘The Glitch’ that envelopes the screen.

The game is set for a summer release on mobile platforms and tablets.

Source:BusinessInsider, Polygon.

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