The team behind Playstation 4 and PC massively multiplayer exploration title, Wander, have announced that the game will be available on both platforms from June 4 and they have also released a new trailer to go along with the announcement. Wander aims to take a different angle in the MMO genre, throwing out the combat element and focusing on collaborative exploration and discovering the beauty of the world that the game is set in. Check out the new trailer here:


As well as some stunning visuals, the trailer gives us the first look at new Hira form. She is a humanoid with gills and fins, which means she can swim, AND she can use the fins as a wing suit when skydiving! She can also ride griffin players and skydive from griffin to griffin. We’ve also learned recently that the game will adopt it’s own language, Rozhda, where players will learn glyphs and draw shapes in order to communicate with each other rather than “Earth languages”. This is a smart innovation as it removes any language barriers between players from different countries.

If you find this game as interesting as I do stay tuned to for some footage in the near future.

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