Playstation’s E3 conference was streamed live to some theatres last year where tickets sold out in less than 15 minutes. This year the same thing is happening; Playstation’s E3 conference will be streamed to theatres again only this time it’s going to be streamed to at least one per state and 3 in California.

For 2015 Playstation have increased the number of theatres streaming the even by 150% which isn’t too difficult to imagine considering what was described in the Playstation Blog today. Like last year the tickets will be free which means if you want one you’ll be needing to grab it as soon as the gate opens online for them. Locations also include Hawaii, Alaska and 3 Canadian cities.

If you manage to get a ticket then you’ll be able to watch a HD version of the E3 Playstation stream, an exclusive 30 minute post-show of extended interviews with developers and all attendees will be receiving gifts of digital codes and physical items.

Last year the Playstaion gifted attendees with early access codes to the Destiny alpha and the Battlefield: Hardline beta as well as a sweet poster and VIP laminate. They cannot disclose just yet what digital goods they’ll be providing attendees with this year but based on last years codes it’s still a pretty attractive deal.

They’ve revealed that 80% of theatre capacity will be reserved for ticket holders and the remaining held for those on the waiting list who will be admitted on a first come, first served basis. Playstation would like to give everyone a fair chance to be in the theatre for this even after what happened last year.

The even has been announced early to make it “fair” and give people time before tickets come on sale this month. Tickets for the show should be available by 9am PT May 27th on the playstation website, a direct link to the event page is here: Playstation E3 theatre event

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