On this fine morning of May 2, Nintendo’s Amiibo community was in for quite the surprise as photo evidence from Australia showed the Wave 1 Amiibo reprints for 2015.

Although the Wave 1 Amiibo reprints may appear the same at first glance, a closer look shows that the Wave 1 Amiibo reprints for Marth and Villager look slightly different than they did last year.  Though the differences may be little (Villager has a slightly larger forehead, Marth’s nose is less pronounced, etc.), members of the Amiibo community noticed them right away.

Photos of the newest Little Mac are beginning to arise from the internet as well.  Although these photos do not show any differences in particular, Amiibo collectors are still skeptical because of the Villager and Marth Amiibos.

Photo courtesy of designtrend.com

So, do these ‘new’ designs mean that Nintendo is wanting to change things up a bit, or is it just a manufacturing mistake?  It may be too early to tell for sure, but perhaps Nintendo has some different plans for the future…

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