Riot games released its new patch for League of Legends, patch 5.8. Lets look into some of its major highlights such as a few champion updates, item updates, final texture rebalances and a new summoner spell.

The newest champion update and in fact one of the oldest champions, Ryze comes in with a major update with his new passive ability and his other abilities were updated as well. Simply put his new Q ability is now a skillshot and no longer passively grants cooldown reduction. This cooldown reduction is now in his updated R ability and increases with each point added. His E ability now lowers enemies magic resist by a percentage stacking 3 times. Seems like Ryze players have some new things to try out.

Looks like Jinx players are now must use her updated R ability “Super Mega Death Rocket!” much more strategically since its minimum damage was reduced significantly so short-range snipes will now need to be fired from a mid to long-range to reach the execute damage.

The new summoner spell Mark/Dash is only available in the Howling Abyss map for ARAM. Mark/Dash throws a long ranged snowball dealing a small amount of true damage to whichever enemy hit. Players can reactive the spell to dash towards that enemy making it easy to either catch up to enemies, make it easier to initiate team fights or to execute low health enemies. Its on a short cooldown so use it often for easy damage.

It seems the Black Cleaver no longer has armor penetration, but increases your champions health and cooldown reduction. Basic attacks now “cleave” enemies granting you a bonus of 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. If you kill or get an assist on an enemy champions with Black Cleaver armor shreds it grants you a bonus of 60 movement speed for 2 seconds instead

This is the final mass texture rebalance which started back in patch 4.17 totalling out with 311 skins, 62 champions over the course of 7 months. Good job Riot and congratulations for completing these mass texture updates!

Thank you all for reading and check back daily for all things gaming related.

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