Recently a whole wave of HD releases has been announced for the PS4. The latest game announced for an enhanced edition is Risen 3: Titan Lord. Risen 3 has followed in the Risen series with the gods abandoning the world of humanity, allowing for many evils to root themselves. One evil steals the player character’s soul, leading on a quest of retrieval and terror as the old world crumbles. As usual with a fantasy RPG, the game boasts a wide range of skills to learn in a large and diverse world.

The game will be a digital only release on the Playstation Network and will come with all three DLC packs, as well as the updates for Risen 3. As well as the content updates, the game will receive a graphical update equal to the “Ultra High” setting that Risen 3 looked like on PC at a steady 1080p, running at 30 fps. One nice addition will be the Remote Play ability, which allows you to stream the game to your PS Vita. Risen 3 comes to the Playstation Network on August 21st for $39.99 USD.

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