Footage of what could have been for Doom 4 was posted on Doom World, showing what the original idea was for this game. What was shown was nothing like it is now, with themes of military shooter more like the Call of Duty series. Doom 4 was announced through a press release way back in Maybof 2008, but was scrapped in 2011 with Bethesda confirming it. Back in August of 2013, id Software’s studio director Tim Willitis explained why the company scrapped this version of the game:

“It wasn’t one thing,” explained Willitis. “It wasn’t like the art was bad or the programming was bad. Every game has a soul. Every game has a spirit. When you played Rage, you got the spirit. And (it) did not have the spirit.”

Now that the new teaser was put up, it seems like they are much happier with the direction that the game is going inn. The game wi be featured at E3, so there should be more news then. I am personally happy that this older version was scrapped. I don’t really like military styled shooters, and I agree completely about this scrapped version not having the feel of the old Doom games.

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