After the initial success that Shadowrun: Returns had in 2013, developer Harebrained Schemes has released a teaser trailer for their latest game, Shadowrun: Hong Kong. This is their third successfully Kickstarted game since Shadowrun: Returns. Harebrained Schemes Studio co-founder Mitch Gitelman stated that the big key is understanding development costs and being transparent with donors.

“Your audience doesn’t understand what things cost to make. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the industry don’t understand what it costs to make things. It’s illustrated by the number of Kickstarters that run dramatically over-budget or are funded by a publisher or don’t ever make it to release when funded by crowdfunding. It’s an art more than a science, and you need to really do your homework to reduce the variables as much as possible.”

Along with the new teaser trailer, most of the Shadowrun series will be on sale on Steam until May 25th. Harebrained Schemes has also opened up pre-orders for Shadowrun: Hong Kong, and have discounted the deluxe edition to the same price as a regular edition. The deluxe edition comes with the game’s soundtrack and an art book.

Shadowrun: Returns: $2.99

Dragonfall Director’s Cut: $4.50

pre-order Shadowrun: Hong Kong: $19.99

pre-order Shadowrun: Hong Kong Deluxe Edition: $19.99 (will later be priced at $29.99)

Source: GameInformer

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