An anonymous source has reportedly told Rooster Teeth that Microsoft is in talks with Konami to purchase and release Silent Hills as an Xbox One exclusive.

Microsoft commented, saying that they do not respond to rumor or speculation. According to the source, Microsoft is looking to purchase the Silent Hills game for billions of dollars to potentially show off at E3 this year. The game is reportedly 80% complete and could, if rumors be true, release as early as March 2016.

The source said the reason the Silent Hills playable teaser was removed from the PlayStation Store was “as a show of good faith to Microsoft.”

There is one report from the anonymous source that makes me skeptical about the information in general. The source says that Konami is trying to get out of the console game as soon as possible, and trying to sell all of their franchises that could not easily confer to mobile devices. Konami is focusing on mobile, we know, but this bit of information contradicts an earlier statement from Konami that says they will be completely supporting console software in the future.

Is there any credit to these rumors? Is Silent Hills coming as an exclusive to the Xbox One. Only time will tell, Let us know what your thoughts are below.

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