Head of Access Games; SWERY has confirmed in a Famitsu interview (in Japanese) when and on what platform D4 will be released on; and it’s not very long!

According to the interview and subsequently his tweets, Dark Dreams Don’t Die will be released on Steam, Humble store and GOG on June 5th and will cost $14.99. It will be published and localized by Active Gaming Media who will helped publish other games such as BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, Dear Esther, Dissidia Duodecim and more for the Western release of D4.

SWERY also talks about why he’s decided to release a PC version; attributing to the fact that enthusiastic fans have been asking for a while especially since the popularity growth of Deadly Premonition; an older title that SWERY made.

The man is an extremely unique Japanese developer; even the interview puts it well; he’s got an indie developer’s mentality when it comes to producing games and it’s such a rarity over there. This is why he’s a fairly popular developer; especially with the way he happily involves himself with the community as evident by his twitter interactions and asking for people to send in questions regarding the news on D4 on PC.

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