Even with The Elder Scrolls Online already out on PC, Zenimax, the developers behind the MMO are eager to make sure players know just what they can expect when the game’s new subscriptionless, ‘Tamriel Unlimited,’ form makes its way to consoles on June 9th. Yesterday, the second part of the studio’s, ‘This is ESOTU’ video series, was released, focusing on the group activities the MMO has added to the traditionally single-player franchise.

The trailer showcases footage of the massive PvP battles that are The Alliance War, footage of shared public dungeons, closed 4-player dungeons, world events, and world bosses. Even mentions of level scaling, the ability to join five guilds, and the application of in-game voice chat make their way into the trailer. Everything is then capped off with an overview of the game’s endgame content, such as the 12-player trails.

Is this enough to make you consider jumping into the now buy-to-play MMO come June 9th? Have you already tried The Elder Scrolls Online on PC? Are you excited for the console edition? Let us know in the comments.

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