The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is arguably the most anticipated game of the year and is due for release this month in two weeks on May 19th; for some time zones the game actually unlocks on the 18th.

Some retailers already have physical copies of the game in storage to put up for sale on the right day; and some that have the game are already selling it before when they should.

Apparently some stores in the United Arab Emirates have begun selling the game and the full retail version of the game has been leaked as a result; it’s been making it’s way online of course. This was first suspected in a forum post on the official developers forum which showed a picture of a retail copy in a store but later confirmed when footage began to show on twitch.

witcher 3 UAE

Twitch support released a statement on Twitter as quickly as possible stating that livestreaming the game before May 19th is against their DMCA guidelines. According to Kotaku users streaming the game are also being banned; Twitch is taking the leak seriously and appear to be doing everything they can to contain this leak.

It’s not yet clear what happened or even why this happened; so far it looks as if the store(s) have blatantly ignored the instructions given to them but this could be a miscommunication issue as it doesn’t seem to be a regular issue.

Currently there are no ‘allowed’ The Witcher 3 livestreams at this time though there may be as the official release date draws closer since some developers host their own or employ youtubers to host a short stream for them; avoid all of these leaked game streams if you don’t like spoilers as they will most likely not be concerned about not spoiling the game for viewers like some youtuber streams would be.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be released on May 19th for PC, Xbox One and Play Station 4 online and in stores.

If you need some cheering up after some downing leak news then you should check out this video of Conan O’Brien having sex on the back of a unicorn for his Witcher 3 experience.

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