The Xbox One May system update is now available to download. This new update includes many features that the Xbox community have been asking for, according to, including:

Voice Messages: Voice messages can be sent and received from your Xbox One. They can be sent between Xbox One and Xbox 360 users as well as Xbox One users.

Smartglass Update: The Xbox One Smartglass app can now power on or off the Xbox One, as long as the device is on the same home network as your console. The Smartglass app is available for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

User Selectable Power Mode: Xbox One users can now select their initial start-up experience for their console. One option is, Instant-on, which allows you to turn on the Xbox One with the Kinect and receive background updates to console, game and app updates. The other option is, Energy-saving mode, which forces you to push the Xbox button on your controller to power the Xbox One. Energy-saving mode saves you energy as it goes into a low power state when off.

Dedicated Servers for Party Chat: If there are NAT traversal issues between party members, a dedicated server will host your chat session to fix any issues. This option is being expanded to a broader audience and will continue to expand over the coming weeks.

Below is a video from Major Nelson of Xbox on the new system update:

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