Super Bunnyhop, a Youtuber that creates videos on video games, has recently had his video titled “Kojima vs. Konami: An Investigation” put back online by Youtube. Konami had originally issued a take-down notice to Youtube over the critical video of Konami’s recent issues with Hideo Kojima. However, Youtube has stated that “We are very concerned that your copyright notification may not be valid for some or all of the videos identified in your notification,” and have therefore put Super Bunnyhop’s video back on Youtube.

The reason Konami had filed the take-down was over a 27 second clip of footage from Metal Gear Rising, but was labeled by Youtube as being protected under fair-use. The video also cites anonymous sources from within Konami, stating that they will “burn the Metal Gear Solid series to the ground,” and that “hundreds of jobs will be lost in the process.” How do you think the situation was handled? Do you think that Konami has the right to order take-downs of videos that are critical of itself?

Source: NZGamer

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