Another day, more sales. The Steam Summer Sale is officially onto day 5 bringing a new wave of daily, flash and bonus sales from the monster community event.

Like with each previous day some of yesterdays sales are still available so if you missed them be sure to check out our coverage of day 4.

Today’s daily deals includes a few franchise sales which are bound to be of interest to some people. Five Nights at Freddies, Bioshock, Dead Rising, Shadowrun, Divinity and Galactic Civilization franchises are all on sale today.

Five Nights at Freddies has been immensely popular on Youtube and all three games were released within a year with the third installment being released this March. All of the games are included in the sale each with different discounts. The original game has a 75% discount, the second game has a 60% discount and the most recent addition to the franchise has a 33% discount. Not too bad for such a young franchise.

Bioshock may be the most interesting from the franchise list and there’s a nice 85% discount on a bundle of games for the series. Each game is available individually of course, Bioshock Infinite has a 75% discount and the other Bioshock games have a 80% discount on them.

Dead Rising has a few nice discounts on their games. The newest game to the franchise is Dead Rising 3 which has a 60% discount. Dead Rising 2 is also available in the sale in both individual form and as a complete bundle with all the DLC for 66% off.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong is released later this year and has a preorder discount of 33% on it’s head so if you were thinking of preordering this game then this is the perfect time. Shadowrun: Dragonfall is available with a 70% discount and the original Shadowrun has a 80% discount on the game.

Divinity: Original Sin is available for a 33% discount and the Divinity Anthology is available with a 59% discount. All other games are also available with a variety of discounts.

Galactic Civilization III is the newest addition to the series and was released in May, it has a nice 25% discount despite being so new. All other games in the series has a 75% discount making it a great time to get into the series.

The other games available in the daily sale are:

  • Garry’s Mod at 50% off
  • Crusader Kings II at 80% off
  • Ryse Son of Rome at 66% off
  • Project Zomboid at 40% off
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 at 70% off
  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round at 50% off
  • Dishonored at 75% off
  • The Long Dark at 50% off
  • Lord of the Fallen at 60% off

The flash sales also has it’s own franchise sale in the form of Shadow Warrior; the original and special edition both have 90% off and with a new game being revealed at E3 this is a great time to check out the series. The flash sale also includes a piece of benchmarking software called 3D Mark with a 80% discount.

The other games in the flash sale are:

  • Brothers: A Tale of two sons at 90% off
  • Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition at 78% off
  • Savage Lands at 50% off
  • Xenonauts at 50% off
  • Craft the World at 65% off
  • Toxikk at 33% off
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited at 75% off
  • I am Bread at 66% off
  • The Repopulation at 33% off
  • Gang Beasts at 33% off
  • Trials Fusion at 66% off
  • Deathtrap at 50% off
  • Automation at 15% off

Finally we come to the Steam Summer Sale monster community event bonus sales which includes a few nice games:

  • Dead Space 2 at 78% off
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious at 90% off
  • Tales of Maj’Eyal at 80% off
  • Contrast at 75% off
  • A Story About My Uncle at 80% off
  • NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Sim 2 at 25% off
  • Avernum 2: Crystal Souls at 50% off
  • Frozen Cortex at 50% off

That’s it for today’s deals in the Steam Summer Sale so be sure to check back tomorrow for a new list of deals to see if it’s worth logging into steam.

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