A hidden announcement in the midst of all the E3 wonder comes from Ryan Chaply who is the producer for Age of Empires II HD Edition and Age of Mythology. Talking in an interview, he’s made mention of new content for both of these series.

Presenting to the public exclusively during E3, Chaply revealed that due to fan demands for some extra content, Age of Mythology Extended Edition will be receiving even more content to tide fans over. Teasing the new content with a photo behind him shown below; there are some hints on who is coming and what civilization is on its way. Thanks to the leg work of a NeoGAF user; they have speculated that from left to right, Dagda of the Celtic mythology is making an apperance, Persia’s Ahura Mazda and Chinese mythology figure Nuwa.aom_xp2_logo_blowup

Alongside mentioning that Age of Empires II HD Edition was packaged with the E3 Humble Bundle ticket, Chaply also mentions that there will be a new expansion in the works, the second exclusive expansion for Age of Empires II HD Edition titled “The African Kingdoms”

Both games came out in their HD/Extended version in the last few years on Steam. If you’re a fan of RTS games or in for a bit of nostalgic Age of Empires fun, you should definitely check it out!

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