Criminal Activity, Battlefield Hardline’s first of four add-ons will focus on infantry combat, according to Visceral Games. The new pack will add four new weapons, two new munition types and two new vehicles.

In terms of weapons, for the cops there will be a new pump action Bullpup Shotgun and Assault Rifle. The crims get a new Battle Rifle and both factions get access to the Nail Gun as a battle pick-up item.

There is also a new Submachine gun being added for everyone, whether you purchase Criminal Activity or not.

The two new rides you can jack are a Pick-Up Truck and Lowrider. And lastly the new equipment adds Armour Piercing Tracer Rounds and Breaching Rounds.

Check out the Visceral blog post for an in depth look at each of the new items.

Battlefield Hardline is out now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Via Gamespot

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