Perception, the new horror game developed by a team of former BioShock designers has reached its funding target. In this game you play as a blind woman. The Deep End Games asked for $15,000 but in the end received $168,041 when the funding campaign ended. Though the Kickstarter event has ended, The Deep End Games will continue to accept pledges through its website.

Extra funds will go towards achieving stretch goals. Some of these goals are virtual reality support, (which was for $34,000) and versions for the newer generation of consoles which was for ($350,000). The game is confirmed for PC only, and is scheduled to launch in June of 2016.

“We are completely overwhelmed, overjoyed, and humbled at the reception our game has received,” The Deep End Games said about their game. “This has been the most exciting, exhilarating month and we have you to thank. We are so proud to be able to make this game thanks to you. Words cannot express the level of gratitude and sheer joy this has brought us, and we can’t wait to make this game and put it in your hands!”

The Deep End Games released two new videos, one gameplay trailer and another video that showcases “Mode 7” which is a retro-inspired mode. It’s nice that we get to keep seeing updates, and while it seems slightly far fetched I hope the stretch goal to make it for the consoles is reached, I’d love to play this! I’ve included the videos below.

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