Calvino Noir, a film noir inspired stealth adventure game is coming to the PS4, PC and IoS devices, according to a post on the PlayStation blog.

The game takes its inspiration from classic film noir works as well as films such as Bladerunner and games like the Deus Ex series.  The game will have its own twist on those, as well as borrowing the portrayal of a war-torn Vienna from the film The Third Man.

According to Dan Walters, director of Calvino Noir, “The classic film noir plot and characters are there, but in our own format”

“It is all about form and light, but in a very different way to film noir.”  Walters writes on the PlayStation Blog, “With the monochrome art style, I think the arches, staircases and pillars all look stunning.”

The game is heavily reliant on stealth as its main gameplay mechanic with levels and areas being designed with sneaking in mind so that players can hide as effectively as possible.  Each location is designed to be as realistic as possible too, though this might make hiding a little difficult in some instances.


“I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen that many churches with a ventilation system you can crawl around. That means that you’ll have to take your time to figure out where the guards are going so that you can plan your movements and hiding places.” Walters writes.

The plot revolves around several characters.  Wilt, an officer in the British Army in World War One and who deserted the army and is adept at blackmailing people.  Siska is an orphan of the war who fights corruption with her skills.  Arno is a friend of Wilt whom he met during the war, despite being on opposite sides.

These three, and others, will come together for the plot and use their skills to uncover the corruption of the city and discover who’s behind it.

Calvino Noir will be released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Apple IoS devices.

Are you excited for Calvino Noir?  Do you like this style of game?  Let us know in the comments below.

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