When I play Destiny, I usually find myself having to take a trip to the Tower or the Vestian Outpost to switch out weapons or armor I may need for an activity. This is a normal occurrence for most players, but it can be pretty time consuming, especially when you forget something. I’ve been using the Destiny Companion app and the Bungie site for a while, but those can be sort of…slow at times. Enter the Destiny Item Manager, an add on extension for the Google Chrome browser!

The Destiny Item Manager isn’t new by any means, being first released earlier this year by programmer Kyle Shay. However, I recently discovered the app after reading about it in a post by Kirk Hamilton on Kotaku – and I must say, it’s pretty darn useful. To use the Destiny Item Manager, all you need to do is download the free Chrome extension and have Bungie.com account.

What makes this app so great? For starters, its much faster than the Companion app or the Bungie website. Once you pull it up, you can instantly move your gear from the Vault to your Guardian. You can also move items between Guardians, so if you’ve got a weapon on your Hunter that you need to have as a Warlock, switching it over is easy-peasy. If you get any new gear, simply refresh the page.

You can see eeeeverything.

You can see eeeeverything.

I’d say the Destiny Item Manager is definitely a good thing to use if you play Destiny regularly. I know it’s not exactly new, but its fast and simple to use, and makes playing the game that much better. If you haven’t heard of it before, you should definitely check it out!

Wanna learn more? Head on over to the post on Kotaku.

H/T to Kirk Hamilton and Kotaku!


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