You know what time it is: Destiny’s Weekly Reset. That means new Weekly Heroic and Nightfall strikes, as well as changes to the Prison of Elders lineup. And, if you haven’t heard already, Lord Saladin returns to the Tower for the Iron Banner.

In this week’s Heroic strike, you’ll be going up against Omnigul and the Hive on Earth. Other than the Heroic modifier, you’ll be able to take advantage of Brawler, which increases your melee damage. If you find yourself in a tough spot in between reloads, feel free to give some enemies a friendly slap or two.

As for the Nightfall, you’ll be on Venus fighting Aksor, the Fallen Archon Priest. The Nightfall, Epic, Arc Burn, Solar Burn, and Small Arms modifiers are active for this one. Primaries with a high impact rating will probably be most useful here, along with your favorite Special and Heavy weapons.

The Prison of Elder’s also gets a few changes this week: the level 32 challenge is the friendly Vex Qodron in The Forever Eater, and the level 34 challenge is the Fallen Servitor-god, Kaliks Reborn in Machine Wrath. Plus, this week’s Hot Fix addressed the lack of Treasure Keys dropping for players, so be sure to try and get one before going to the Prison.

If you’re more of a PvP player, the Iron Banner makes its return this week. There’s a lot of new class-specific gear for you to earn, along with two weapons: a new fusion rifle, Perun’s Fire; and a new scout rifle, Gheleon’s Demise. In addition to that, you can get shaders, emblems, and that elusive Etheric Light (5000 Glimmer and IB rank 3 required). Be sure to play while you can!

Of course, the Vault of Glass and Crota’s End have both been reset as well, and you can earn this week’s Crucible and Vanguard points. Whatever it is you decide to do when you hop on Destiny, grab some friends (or go solo) and give ’em a headache.

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