The mysterious Agent of the Nine has appeared once again, this time in the Vestian Outpost. This week, he’s got some pretty good gear, including two items he’s never carried before. As usual, Xur is carrying exotic gear for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks, an exotic-level weapon, an exotic shard, an exotic armor engram, and a slew of weapon telemetries and sparrow upgrades, all available for a few Strange Coins or Motes of Light. Let’s take a look at what he’s got.

The Titan armor this week is the ACD/0 Feedback Fence gauntlets for 13 Strange Coins. Introduced with the House of Wolves expansion, these gauntlets come with a Defense level of 402, +42 Light, +66 Intellect, and +46 Strength. The perks include Rain Blows, which increases melee attack speed; Brawler’s Charge, which replenishes Super energy when killing an enemy with a melee attack; and Wrath Conductors, an interesting perk that takes the melee damage you suffer and deals the equivalent to a small area around you.

Hunters are able to purchase the Khepri’s Sting (also introduced in the House of Wolves) for 13 Strange Coins. These gauntlets come with +402 Defense, +42 Light, +96 Strength, and a few pretty nice perks. The first perk is Primary Weapon Loader, which increases the reload speed for primaries; the second perk, Invigoration, reduces the melee cooldown when picking up an Orb f Light; the final perk, Touch of Venom, is probably the best of the bunch, allowing you to turn invisible after a few seconds of crouching, and gives you the ability to deal up to 4x melee damage from behind while invisible. Time to be an assassin!

Warlocks get their armor from The Dark Below expansion, but that doesn’t make in inferior to the other Guardian’s choices. Xur’s got the Starfire Protocol chest armor for 13 Strange Coins, bringing with it upgradable stats: +492/536 Defense, +36/42 Light, and +123/130 Intellect. The first two perks on the Starfire Protocol allow you to carry more Special and Heavy ammo, respectively, and the third perk, Starfire Protocol (named after the armor), gives you an extra fusion grenade.

And now, for the exotic weapon of the week, the Hardlight. For 23 Strange Coins, this auto rifle packs an upgradable 334/365 attack level and does kinetic damage. The perks include Glass Half Full, which increases the damage of the bottom half of each magazine, and Volatile Light, which allows this weapons rounds to over-penetrate targets and ricochet off of walls. The Hardlight isn’t necessarily the most used auto rifle because it has a healthy amount of recoil, but it holds its own with its base 40-round magazine. Its fun to use and a great addition if you’re a collector, or just someone looking for something new to use.

As with every week, Xur also has an exotic shard available for 7 Strange Coins; an exotic engram for 23 Motes of Light; weapon telemetries for 1 Strange Coin each; heavy ammo synths for 1 Strange Coin; and sparrow upgrades for 23 Strange Coins. If you need to pay him a visit before you start today’s adventures in Destiny, find him in the Vestian Outpost in the Reef!



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