Gruesome, fast-paced, intense, and chaotic, the next Doom game was shown off extensively during the Bethesda E3 press conference. And better yet, it was announced the game will be hitting PC, PS4, and Xbox One in Spring of 2016.

Seemingly a return to the old-school arena shooter DNA of the original games, the single player campaign footage showed both a facility on Mars and in Hell itself, using everything from shotguns, to rocket launchers, to a chainsaw to blow apart demons. Upon taking damage some enemies showed a change of color, cueing the player to charge forward and pull off multiple, bloody, satisfying melee attacks.

The gameplay shown also featured a great deal of verticality, including climbing and jump-packs, adding mobility and versatility to the standard run and gun formula. As we learn more about Doom in the months to come, see it all here on Gamespresso. Until then, what did you think of the demo? Let us know in the comments.

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