During Nintendo’s Japan focused direct, the company announced the first new Dr. Mario game since the WiiWare title in 2008. Even more exciting than the announcement is the fact that it that it is already available to play on 3DS. Well, in Japan at least.

The title Dr. Mario Gyakuten! Tokkouyaku & Saikin Bokumetsu, or Dr. Mario Reversal! Special Medicine & Germ Buster, can be purchased by Japanese consumers for 880 yen on the eShop. For those in the west, however, Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure will be available on the eShop on June 11th, but can be preordered today.

These games feature three modes of puzzling fun. One with Dr. Mario, one with Dr. Luigi, and a new touch-based game called ‘Germ Buster’ that can be played with local and online multiplayer in head-to-head battles.

Even though United States consumers don’t get to enjoy the game immediately like those in Japan, it is still much shorter of a wait than most gamers are used to after a game announcement. If you’re planning on picking this title up on June 11th, stay strong until then.


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