In a partnership between Trendy Entertainment and Prey developers, Human Head Studios, Dungeon Defenders II will be coming to PlayStation 4 this year.

Both companies announced the partnership to bring the highly anticipated tower defense strategy game to PS4 systems this year.  The companies are said to be working very closely in order to bring the best quality of game to Sony’s console.

Human Head Studios have an impressive list of games they’ve developed including Prey, Lost Within and Rune.  This great streak is what caught the eye of Trendy Entertainment and invited them on board to help port the game onto the console.

Dungeon Defenders II will be playable on PS4 at this year’s E3. Players that go hands-on with the updated demo at E3 will be able to experience the game’s local split-screen co-op mode, in addition to online co-op play, where up to four players can team up to defend the realm of Etheria.

The game will begin a closed beta test on the PS4 later on this year.  It is currently available on the PC through Steam Early Access, and will eventually launch as a free-to-play title which will be supported by in-game purchases on PC, Mac, Linux and PS4

Are you excited about Dungeon Defenders II?  Do you like the direction it’s going in?  Let us know in the comments below.



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