According to Amazon, Fallout 4 could arrive in your hands before 2015 ends.

The massive online retailer is the latest addition in a long line of clues that are pointing to a 2015 release for the game from Bethesda that was revealed just last week. The Amazon page allowing you to pre-order the game currently lists a release date of December 31, 2015. Amazon typically uses the last day of the year as placeholder for games or other merchandise that are set to release in the calendar year, even though an exact date for release may not yet be known.

This is further evidence that Fallout 4 could be here this year after it was also spotted to have a “TBA 2015” release when the game first popped up for pre-order in Bethesda’s own online store. It was also quickly removed, and Bethesda have said the game does not have a release date as of yet when asked for comment.

More details (and hopefully a release date) are expected to be given when Bethesda holds their first E3 press conference on Sunday, June 14. The game is already stirring up some controversy over it reportedly not coming to last-generation consoles, but will only be appearing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it is released.  Meanwhile, check out the game’s trailer, have some sort of emotional reaction, and begin to speculate on everything that could happen within the game.

Do you think you’ll be playing Fallout 4 before the year comes to a close?

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