A new free-to-play game has entered open beta called Dirty BombDirty Bomb is a free-to-play FPS developed by Splash Damage, the developers of Enemy Territory: Quake and Brink. The game was previously in closed beta, but is now available to everyone through Steam.

The open beta includes five maps set in London and 12 mercenaries to play with, but more will be added as the beta continues. Of the twelve mercenaries five of them are available to play for free. Aura, a medic, and Skyhammer, a support class character, are permanently unlocked. The other three free mercenaries are drawn from the mercenary pool. They will constantly be changing and made free for a limited amount of time.

Each mercenary has a unique set of skills and weapons. Learning how to effectively use each mercenary is the key to success in this online shooter. The game is currently being developed exclusively for PC and no word has been given for an official release.

Watch the trailer below to see Dirty Bomb in action


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