Sometimes when I play games that are free, I wonder to myself, “Benjie, what kind of hardcore masochist are you to bring yourself into a bullet hell shooter”, to which I reply “An extremely hardcore masochist” So without further ado, I will show you to a world of masochistic bliss (Also if you’re into your 2D anime girl thing, you’ll love it also), or just hell. Welcome to Jigoku Kitsuken: Sense of the Seasons.

I ask myself every time I end up playing this, because it’s a quick and simple game to set up from Steam, quick to download, easy controls to get the grip of, quicker game to play than most and it’s single player so not much hassle there, but it’s the learning curve on how to play that will get you every time. If you’ve heard of the legendary Gradius, then you know how this game works straight away, it’s a bullet hell scrolling shooter. The indie developers, Emad, must be awesome at this game as I’m having trouble on Easy, I’ve seen it on Normal and that makes me cry. The game’s story itself, well I haven’t exactly paid attention to it, but the idea is that you play as one of six girls from the anime girl cliché (I personally love being the kiddy alien girl because of lazors!). You only start with one, and each other character is a boss after that, you need to beat them to unlock them. Killing your enemies drop either;

-a blue ribbon that powers up your Aura for a big bomb attack from the press of the x button.
-a red ribbon that powers up your normal attacks once you reach 100% (Adding extra attack usually a la Gradius)
-a green ribbon that gives you extra life, once it reaches 100% you gain a life.

The game itself is also works with a gamepad, I might play better with the gamepad, I don’t know yet, but I enjoyed enough of it using my keyboard. I really must be a masochist, the urge to play it right now is there. Someone..punish me.

This is Benjie, coming back sometime later after being punished enough from Jigoku Kitsuken

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