Nintendo announced that Splat Zones, a ranked battle mode, would unlock today at 7 PM PT, along with a new weapon and a new map. Earlier in March, Nintendo talked about its plans for Ranked multiplayer in Splatoon and that it would be available once enough players reached level 10.

In Splat Zones, players will have a  single piece of turf on the map for a set amount of time, teams will fight and whichever team holds the zone and burns down the control timer to zero wins.

Tonight you’ll be able to unlock a weapon called the N-ZAP85, which is a tribute to the light gun peripheral called the Zapper for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo says that the N-ZAP85 is a “rapid-fire shooter with some impressive ink efficiency.” It also comes with a Splat Bombs and an Echo-locator special weapon. The new map is called Port Mackerel, which will be set on a dock.

The game was released May 29th, do you find it odd that DLC is already on the way?

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