With the summer comes an emptiness in games releases, as most AAA titles are in their summer hibernation, waiting to wake up during the fall and winter seasons. For digital marketplaces, however, summer heralds a time of sales and celebration. GOG has just started their DRM-free Summer Sale, offering great old titles and some new titles for heavily discounted prices!

One special thing about GOG’s sale is their rewards system. That’s right, you get rewarded for spending money! By spending certain amounts of money, you actually “unlock” codes for three full games: Sim City 2000, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, and Xenonauts. Below is a picture of the prices and games.

gog summer sales 2015 rewards


Are you excited for some of your favorite games to be on sale? What game sales have you found on GOG? Don’t be greedy, share in the comments!

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