From the brilliant minds that made Little Inferno, a simplistic but thought provoking game about burning everything of value; comes a new adventure at Tomorrow Corporation called Human Resource Machine. With Kyle Gabler and Allan Blomquist making a return to the story of the Corporation and instead making a game that’s particularly for nerds.

Human Resource Machine has you the player, skittering about and controlling your little workers using programming. It also promises to teach you all you need to know, so there’s no need for fear even if you’ve got no clue about programming just like myself! The art style is definitely Kyle Gabler’s as the same artstyle from Little Inferno makes a return.

True to the nature of their games, Human Resource Machine looks like it has a darker and more sinister theme underneath it all. Especially with the fear that you want to succeed or else the machine will come and take your livlihood.

I loved playing Little Inferno, it was an incredibly thought provoking game that really gets you thinking a little bit more past its very simple gameplay. This looks like it’ll also be in the same vein, and I sure can take more hits of that!

Human Resource Machine will be out sometime in the summer and is priced at $7.99 at a discount price for Windows and Mac for now. If you’re pulled in by the trailer, give it a hit! Hopefully it’ll be as great as it’s spiritual predecessor when it comes out.


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