Those eagerly anticipating the release of Might & Magic VII were disappointed when the beta release was delayed an extra week. Initially, the beta was supposed to be up on May 25th, but the development team is said to have run into some issues that initiated the delay. Within the extra week of time though, it seems the main issues were ironed out, for the new beta release date has arrived!

Today the beta is officially up and going, and Might & Magic fans are clearly overjoyed to get their hands on it. The new game definitely sticks to the strategy and turn-based gameplay that the other Might & Magic games have, continuing the legacy that has been established for years. Still, there are new things to look forward to as well, such as new skills and factions that are as complex and interesting as ever. The attention to detail is definitely not overlooked!

If you have missed the previous seven Might & Magic games, don’t feel too bad. Now is a great time to jump into turn-based gameplay with the new Might & Magic, and you don’t need previous experience with the other games to dive into the new one. And if you are a fanatic of Might & Magic, get excited for the new installment of the strategy-based gameplay we can’t get enough of!

The beta is available from today through June 17th, so enjoy while you can! The official release date of the full game isn’t until September, which seems so far off. Fall couldn’t come any sooner! If you missed the trailer from the initial beta announcement or want to watch it again, you can catch it here!


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