Publisher 2K Games has released a new video, showcasing one of XCOM 2’s unique modes, Sabotage.

Narrated by the game’s producer, Jake Solomon, the video reveals some highlights of the new game type and also sheds light on some of the key differences between XCOM 2 and its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Some highlights of the video include XCOM 2’s more cinematic style, the new melee class, a terrifying serpentine enemy unit, and brand new urban maps.

XCOM 2 is set 20 years after the events of Enemy Unknown and will have players leading the resistance against the alien faction that now dominates Earth.

In addition to the features highlighted in the video, the game will also include procedurally-generated levels and enhanced modding support.

XCOM 2 will launch in November, exclusively on PC.

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