Six screenshots of a post-beta version of Halo 5 multiplayer have been leaked and they appear to include weapons from Halo 4. The Promethean Incineration Cannon and Boltshot weapons are reappearing, to name a few.

However, both have supposedly had alterations made to them. The former is now battery based rather than ammo based and uses a charge shot whilst the latter now fires two homing shots, meaning that it can no longer be used as a mini shotgun. A game tester has also revealed the following observations:

  • Incineration Cannon is back and has changed compared to Halo 4. players can charge up a shot and the longer you charge, the more powerful it is. Battery based rather than ammo based.
  • Railgun is back from Halo 4 and works almost identically – could hold up to 11 shots
  • Overshield was present had some weird screen effect when you picked it up – looked like a bug
  • Boltshot is back but doesn’t work like halo 4 – no shotgun fire mode. fires two shots at once and sort of tracks players
  • Suppressor is back and fires a lot slower
  • Blue outline on weapons was in the build
  • Killcams were disabled in the build, could spectate players while you were dead
  • BR spread was near-gone – fired so fast
  • Spartan chatter was reduced hugely, less pointless callouts
  • Spartan bro moments cut down. game ending segment is just your spartans walking towards the screen, no more highfives and shit
  • Killfeed modified to be like this: “PLAYER NAME” “WEAPON KILLED WITH” “PLAYER NAME”
  • Pistol RoF is modified to be slower but is a lot more powerful – competes with AR and BR
  • Ground pound is harder to use, radius is tiny
  • Overshield was bugged, my shields said i constantly had it even after death

You can check out the six new screenshots below, and let us know if you’re excited for Halo 5! We will likely be hearing more about Microsoft’s big exclusive at E3 next week so stay tuned to Gamespresso for all the latest on Halo 5: Guardians.

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