During the PC Gamer E3 show yesterday it was announced by David Braben that Frontier is working on a new theme park game. It’s not the next Roller Coaster Tycoon, that’s still owned by Atari but there is a new RCT in development.

Frontier currently known these days for Elite Dangerous however they never quite left their theme park related past behind and released Screamride, a rollercoaster construction simulator, this year. They also developed Thrillville which is a console theme park management game for the PS2 and Xbox back in 2006.

“Tycoon games and coaster park simulations in particular are as much part of Frontier’s DNA as space games” said Frontier Chief Creative Officer Jonny Watts”


The new theme park game from Frontier is called Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved and the trailer that Frontier showed off seems to suggest that this is not just a rollercoaster simulation game but a theme park simulation game.

It showed a man in an empty field which was not empty for long as pieces of a park dropped into place around him including rides, the paths and food and drink stands. Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved looks to be the spiritual successor of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

Not much information on the game was revealed but Braben confirmed that Planet Coaster: Simulation Evolved would be released some time in 2016 and that they are already accepting preorders for the new game.

The official website for the game is now up along with a blog post on the Frontier website about the games announcement.

“Planet Coaster brings our sky-high production values and cutting-edge tech to bear on the Tycoon genre we so love, and we are looking forward to engaging with another passionate community of players as we develop Planet Coaster.”

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