The intergalactic game–hunting alien, Predator, will be challenging Earthrealm to Mortal Kombat this July.

Ed Boon, director of Mortal Kombat X, announced via Twitter that Predator and the Prey skin pack will be available for download sometime next month. This will mark the third character to be released for players after additional third-party guest Jason Voorhees and series-returner Tanya. Predator’s three variations, Warrior, Hunter and Hish-Qu-Ten, were also discovered but little real detail of the characters move-set was revealed. The Prey skin pack, that will be available with Predator or stand-alone; will include a Carl Weathers skin for Jax, a Commando uniform for Johnny Cage and an Infrared costume for Scorpion. As of writing, all these skins are shown in the in-game Kollection, but for those not fortunate enough to have a copy yet, Eventhubs have provided pictures.

No definitive date was given for Predators arrival but given Ed’s previous pattern for character announcements, we should be seeing the Alien hunter sometime in the first week of July.

Wrist-blades crossed for more news soon.

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